Cardiovascular Surgery Division

        The Division of Cardiovascular Surgery provides service in cardiac transplantationcardiac surgery and vascular surgeryCardiac transplantation at TSGH are well-known in this country because the results are not only the most prominent in Taiwanbut in Asiaas wellSurgery for ischemic heart diseaserheumatic heart diseasecongential heart diseaseand aortic disease are also commonly performed at this hospitalIn additionthe  Division of Cardiovascular Surgery also performs surgery for cardiac and aortic traumacardiac tumorsarrhythemiaconstrictive pericarditisand many other miscellaneous cardiac diseasesSurgery for vascular diseases include the followingabdominal aortic aneurysmcarotid artery diseasevascular traumaportal hypertensioncreation of access shunt for hemodialysissympathectomy for reflex sympathetic dystrophy and Buerger's diseaseimplantation of pacemaker for arrhythemiaGreen field filter for prevention of pulmonary embolismperitoneo-venous shuntand implantation of chemotherapeutic catheretc...




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