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   This division, founded in 1967, is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of trauma and disease of colon, rectum, anus, pelvic organs and buttocks. In recent years, a great deal of progress and accomplishments have been made in the examinations of anorectal functions, the diagnosis and treatment of colo-rectal disease, the choice of surgical methods and the basic medical research and development of pathophysiology and oncology. Special equipment utilized in this division include various types of optic and videoimanging endoscopic systems, and anorectal manometry. Our current clinical works put emphasis on radical resection, prevention of recurrence and metastasis, adjuvant therapy, and follow up of malignancy in the lower gastrointestinal tract. Positive outcomes in traumatic emergencies are obtained by this division. The outpatient management of internal hemorrhoid with rubber band ligation and sclerotherapy were used in our division since early years, which were convenient and effective treatment methods.